Best Drivers for Beginners In 2020 – (Reviews & Guide)

Best Drivers for Beginners

Learning to play golf has seemingly never been easier. There are easy and quick ways to access information about the game and all of the equipment you’ll need.

In addition, there are so many new gadgets and gizmos to help you improve your game, even if you are a brand-new beginner.

That said, finding the right equipment for your individual style can still feel overwhelming and challenging. To help, we’ve highlighted the top ten best drivers for beginners, and we’ve included a buying guide to help you narrow down the features you need in your driver.

Image Product Details
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9.5°,10.5°,12°
  • Length:45.5 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lie:9.5°,10.5°
  • Length:45.75 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,9.5°,10.5°
  • Length:45.5 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,10.5°,13.5°
  • Length:44.75 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,10.5°,12°
  • Length:45 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,10.5°
  • Length:45.75 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,10.5,13.5°
  • Length:45.5 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:9°,9.10°,10.5°
  • Length:45.5 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:10.5°
  • Length:45.5 inches
  • Head Size:460cc
  • Lofts:10.5°,12°
  • Length:45.75 inchies

10 Best Drivers for Beginners Reviews – (Updated List)

1. TaylorMade Men’s M1 460cc Driver

The Good

This driver is that it has all of the necessary components of a modern driver, meant to help improve your game. It will likely give the most consistent performance of all drivers currently on the market.

Not So Good

This driver is that it doesn’t give off much noise upon impact. You don’t get a very satisfying crack when you hit the ball. That said, there really aren’t any drawbacks to this driver.


There is very little to complain about it when it comes to the TaylorMade M1. This is no real surprise given that TaylorMade has been known for producing some of the absolute best drivers for a long time now. This driver is sleek in design, with a very modern and attractive look and design.

The intention of this driver is to give you the longest distance possible while also allowing for enough forgiveness that your shots stay consistent. It definitely hits the mark on these points. The carbon-fiber crown is very light, so you can swing faster and get a faster ball speed overall. The composite head also makes this a very easy driver to handle overall.

In general, the lower the center of gravity, the easier it is to launch the ball. TaylorMade takes that into account with this driver. The center of gravity has been moved down further in the sole so that you can achieve the easiest launch of the ball. You don’t have to give off nearly as much effort but yet you get a very easy launch.

There are two movable weights so that you have heightened customization and versatility with this driver. There is a 10-gram weight that you can move from the toe to the heel and there is also a 15-gram weight that you can move right to left below the face. With the black weight, you’ll get 18 positions and with the red one you will get 15 positions. This give you a total of 270 total combination possibilities.

There is even more customization that comes with this driver aside from the weights. You’ll find that the adjustable hosel comes with four different head lofts.

Lastly, the combination of the low center of gravity and the composite head gives you really great ball speed with very low spin so that you can get your longest distance possible.

2. Callaway Men’s XR Pro 16 Driver

The Good

This driver is the impressive aerodynamics, achieved through several different features. The overall feel and sound of this driver are also really appealing.

Not So Good

This driver is the almost bulbous design of the head. It does serve a purpose but might not be the look many golfers want in their driver. It is not a universal, or typical driver design.


The size and shape of this driver’s head were built and designed with aerodynamics in mind. That said, the head does take on a bulbous look which might not be attractive to some. Whether or not that is the case, it does deliver on performance. It allows for increased forgiveness and higher speeds, perfect for beginning golfers.

There are also channels in the sole of this driver which are intended to assist with aerodynamics as well. They are pretty noticeable in the design and are a new feature in this line of clubs. It is hard to discern their impact, but their intention is clear.

The sound you get from this driver is one of its most appealing features. It is an improvement over other clubs in this same line and offers a bit more pop. The driver itself is really responsive and the sound is quiet with just a simple crack upon impact.

This driver offers great performance with a unique look given the shape of the club’s head. Whether or not that look is appealing to you will be a matter of personal preference.

However, with that said, the aerodynamics of this driver are quite impressive, and it has a great feel and sound to it. It also has great forgiveness, making it one of the best beginning golf drivers.

3. Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

The Good

This driver is that it manages to keep ease of use, speed and forgiveness all in mind simultaneously. It incorporates a great deal of unique technology and design features to improve overall golf game.

Not So Good

This driver is that the grip isn’t particularly comfortable, though this is obviously subjective. The head is also quite big which can be hard for new golfers to handle.


Overall, this driver has some really high-tech features intended to help with your overall golf game. The Forged E9 face offer thickness that is variable so that you can always ensure you get a large sweet spot. This means that you can potentially get some really great ball speeds and you have a lot of surface on the driver so that you can get good contact.

The F6 CG Tuning gives you the opportunity to personalize the distances, allowing you to shift the center of gravity front and back.

This driver incorporates 8 different loft settings so that you can better control your trajectory as well as the overall conditions of your launch. This helps you get the most distance possible and can promote a more powerful game overall.

Finally, the Speed Channel promotes the engineering of a channel around the driver’s face. This helps to lessen the thickness and allows you to get the maximum ball speeds you can across the face.

The shaft on this driver is available in four different flexes for optimum comfort. They are stiff, extra stiff, regular, and senior. The shaft is quite durable, made of graphite.

This is a great driver with customization features such as the four different colors available and the different flexes you can choose from for comfort.

It is one of the best drivers for beginners golfer given that the high-tech features allow you to adjust the center of gravity, enjoy a larger sweet spot, and get a great driving distance.

4. Callaway Golf- LH Big Bertha Fusion Driver (Left Handed)

The Good

This Callaway driver is that you get extremely fast head speed paired with low flight trajectory so you can experience great distance.

Not So Good

The driver is that it doesn’t have a ton of adjustability features. The head shape is also far from traditional.


This is a great driver for a beginner who is trying to improve their overall game and it really is designed with new players and those who have a high handicap in mind.

This driver serves to increase the moment of inertia with its position of the center of gravity, which is placed as far back and as low as possible.

The carbon composite head make this a very light driver. This also forces the center of gravity even lower, something that Callaway is already known for doing. The head is caged in titanium for an additional enhancement. In addition, the carbon fiber on the sole and crown also add to the extra light nature of this driver.

Titanium would be 35% heavier than the Triaxial Carbon used which means that Callaway was able to move the weight to another location, changing up the center of gravity. Used is a 35-gram weight that can be moved slightly on the back of the head. This means the center of gravity goes as far back and as low as possible.

Because of the enhancements with the head, the shape of this driver is quite different than you might find with others. It looks more like a triangle than the more traditional options. Whether or not you like the design will be a matter of personal preference.

However, this head can give you distance that is quite consistent given its really fast head speed. There is also airflow that is smoother than with a traditionally shaped head and a faster ball speed.

5. Cleveland Golf Classic XL Drive

The Good

The driver was that it had some qualities intended to improve the golf game of true beginners. It is very responsive, and its very lightweight nature makes it easy to maneuver and handle. You can get a great slice without too much effort so you won’t tire too easily, even during lengthy sessions.

Not So Good

It is that it is a bit dated when it comes to technology and comes up short when it comes to forgiveness. It is far less forgiving than other drivers we reviewed, which can be a challenge for new golfers. It can also help to improve your game quicker.


This isn’t the newest driver on the market, having been first manufactured in 2013, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done. In fact, this Cleveland driver is likely to give you some serious improvements to your game. It does not, however, have some of the high-tech options you will find with other drivers on this list.

This driver is very responsive so you will get a good feel for it really early on in your use and it gives off great sound. So, you can work through impact with good sound and good feel. These are great features for the beginner who is just starting to get their bearings driving the ball.

Cleveland hasn’t always been known for their drivers. In fact, most golfers associate Cleveland with putters and wedges but this driver is a great option for beginners.

You will have to work a bit harder with this drive because it doesn’t have the same level of forgiveness as some of the others but that can also mean you improve your game even faster.

6. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

The Good

This driver is that the design just screams fast. The driver itself looks like it will be fast, and it is incredibly streamlined. It also offers maximum forgiveness.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this driver is that while the size is purposeful, this driver just looks really big. It also has a shape that again is purposeful but can look a bit funny given the reverse pear-shape.


The design of this driver is really quite unique. It is much larger in size than the other drivers we’ve received here. It has a cone-like shape that almost look like a reverse pear. That design all has a purpose, however, and that is to provide maximum forgiveness, which this driver achieves.

This driver isn’t only big, but it is also quite loud. There is a very distinctive crack sound upon impact that is much louder than you’ll find with some other drivers on our list. If you hit the ball flush, though, you will get a very satisfying sound that won’t feel hollow at all. That said, as you move out from the center of the driver, you’ll start to hear cracks that are definitely more hollow.

This driver is very easy to maneuver, and as such, you are going to probably get great speed. You can get really quality ball and club speeds without exerting much energy with this driver. You can also get a great feel for the club in your hands, but overall the feel is quite light.

This is one of the best drivers for beginners given its maximum forgiveness and the intuitive nature with which you can use it. It might be loud and have a bit of a funky look, but the performance is there, and this driver can really help to improve your game.

7. Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

The Good

Things we liked about this driver is that it is very easy to use, even for beginners and is almost entirely intuitive which is needed if you are just starting out. It also gives you great ball speed and a great attractive look.

Not So Good

Things we didn’t like about this driver are that it isn’t ideal for those golfers who have quick triggers given the swing weight.


The reason this is a great driver for beginners is because it is incredibly intuitive with very easy adjustability. This driver makes it easy to get super high shots and uses enough technology to improve your most inconsistent swings.

This driver seems to help improve distance for many golfers, even beginners. You’ll likely find that you get a very high launch along with low spin.

This model of the driver seems to be a vast improvement over the later model from Callaway, with a much better distance in this newer model.

There is a 17-gram sliding weight that can change the entire feel of this club in your heads. And that same weight can have a major impact on the flight of the ball.

This is one of the best drivers for beginners given how intuitive it is and how much distance you can get.

The only real drawbacks are that it isn’t ideal for those golfers who have quick triggers given the weight of the swing and the light shock shaft. When this driver was first released it was welcomed with a lot of hype but so far, it has seemed to live up to all of it.

8. Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

The Good

What we like about this driver is that it really serves to improve your game with several key features. It has a sweet spot that’s been compared to the size of a baseball, making it nearly impossible to miss.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this driver is that it might have a bit too much spin for some golfers and it can feel a little too big to easily maneuver for beginners.


This driver offers a really attractive design and look. It has a long clubhead and a deep face which makes it a really good-looking driver.

This driver is easy to play with given that is offers mid-to-high trajectory and a great stability when you drive through the ball. Given that this driver is made for beginners, it also allows for really consistent results with a good amount of forgiveness.

This driver is also pretty user-friendly for the extreme beginner. It is also long enough if you are just starting out but you might find that you’ll need a different length as you get better.

Some beginners might even find that the length is a bit too long to maneuver. Length, of course, is subjective but can be a consideration with this driver.

If you think that you need a boost in elevation to increase your overall distance, this driver might be a great fit for your game.

Overall, this is a great driver for those who are beginners and have a mid- to- high handicap. It might not last you all that long, given that as your game improves, you will likely outgrow this driver.

9. PGX Offset Golf Driver

The Good

Things we like about this driver include how lightweight it is, making it particularly easy to maneuver and handle. In addition, the large sweet spot makes using this driver even easier.

Not So Good

Things we didn’t like about this driver is that it is a bit shorter than many other drivers and even though we like the large sweet spot, it can be disqualifying in some tournaments.


You can reduce your slice with this driver, given its offset technology. You’ll be able to confirm that the face is square at impact so you can get a straight shot every time.

The design and look of this driver are both quite unique. The finish is a sleek matte black color but it has colorful stripes to make it stand out. The club itself offers an understated elegance while also not looking like every other driver.

This driver should be easy to use for most golfers, even very new beginners. It is incredibly lightweight for easy maneuverability and if you are just starting out, you’ll get a good idea of how to use a driver by getting started with this one. It weighs just 200 grams.

In addition, the weight distribution makes it feel completely balanced while you’re holding it. This is a great driver for you to get started on before you move up to more elite clubs.

The sweet spot on this driver is huge, which means that you should experience maximum forgiveness every time, regardless of where you make impact. This is another reason this is a great option if you are just getting started playing golf.

This is the best beginner driver and in terms of specs, the lie is 58 degrees and the loft is 10.5 degrees.

You won’t find that there are a lot of unique bells and whistles with this driver, but you likely don’t need that if you are just starting out.Instead, you need a solid driver that will help you get comfortable with your game.

10. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver

The Good

What we liked about this club is that it has features to improve the drive of those golfers with particularly slow swing speed.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about it is that it isn’t adjustable which is a real drawback when compared to the enhanced adjustability of some other drivers reviewed on our list.


This driver is very lightweight which means it has easy maneuverability and ease of use. It also serves to get you a faster speed and greater distance, helping you to improve your overall golf game.

You’ll probably find that the speed pocket helps to improve your distance and the aerodynamic features allow you to add speed to that increased distance.

If you are brand new to the game, or you know that your swing speed could use some improvement, the features of this driver will likely help you improve, making it one of the best drivers for beginners.

The shape of this driver serves to enhance overall aerodynamics. This means driving for further distance and enjoying overall faster club speed. You’ll likely see some great spin with this driver and a much higher launch.

In addition, the center crown is raised, and the toe is a rounded shape. This helps to not only keep airflow maintained but also reduce drag.

In all, this is a great driver for the ultimate beginner. It will likely make you want to take more rounds and work toward improving your game. And if you have a slow swing speed to begin with, this driver might be able to help.

It isn’t adjustable, as are some of the others, but the pros of this driver outweigh that drawback if you are hoping to improve very specific parts of your game.

Golf Drivers Buying Guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a driver, especially if you are a beginner golfer and new to the sport.

Overall, drivers have changed quite a bit with the expansion of technology and as such, most are now much easier to handle and weigh a lot less than those that were most popular in past years.


A proper loft is a key aspect of choosing the right driver. Loft is just a fancy word to represent the angle of the club head face. The loft has a good deal to do with trajectory of the ball as well as distance and backspin.

With drivers, loft angles can range anywhere from 4 all the way to 20 degrees. That said, the most prevalently used lofts are those that are from 8 to 14 degrees. In order to choose the right loft for you, you want to account for your typical swing speed.

Generally speaking, if your swing speed is low, you want a driver with a higher loft. If your swing speed is fast, you want a driver with a lower loft.


In general, you want to select a driver that has a head size that ranges between 440 and 460 cc. The largest head size allowed by the US Golf Association is 460cc.

In general, the bigger the head size, the more power you will have behind your swing. You’ll get the biggest impact from a larger head while a smaller head provides more securing and a swing that is more solid. Smaller sized heads are best for those players who are looking for more enhanced control and who don’t do a lot of twisting when hitting the ball.

It isn’t just the size of the club head that matters. Instead, the shape can also make a difference in your golf game. There is a total of four shapes available.

They are round, extended, pear, and square. For beginners, it is always advice to use a round shaped head because it isn’t easier to handle and doesn’t have as much bulk as some of the other shapes, such as the square head. Round heads are also less likely to have too much contact with the ground while you’re swinging.


When choosing a driver as a beginner, you want to look for a flexible shaft. This will allow you to hit the ball as far as possible, maximizing the distance. You can start with just the standard regular shaft. There are other options for women and seniors as well.

The only time you may want to deviate from the standard flexibility is if you have a particularly fast swing speed. For example, if you swing over 95 miles per hour, you may want to invest in a club that has a stiffer shaft. The stiffer shaft will give you greater accuracy and control given how quickly you swing the club.

Another consideration as it relates to the shaft is its height. This will be directly impacted by your height. In general, most shaft lengths that are between 45 and 49 inches are a good fit.

Size and Materials

The most common driver size you’ll encounter is 460cc, or cubic centimeters. This is the maximum size allowed. A driver with this size increases the moment of inertia and gives you more forgiveness. The term more forgiveness just means that it has a bigger sweet spot for you to hit. There are other sizes available as well, all of which will impact forgiveness and the size of the sweet spot.

You will find that drivers can be made of many different materials. The most prevalently used are alloy, stainless steel, or titanium.

If you aren’t thinking about taking up golf on a regular basis, you can probably get by with an alloy driver that is of high quality. These drivers are typically quite reasonable when it comes to cost.

A driver that is made of titanium or several different materials is likely going to cost a bit more but would be worth it if you plan on playing fairly consistently. These drivers are usually still lightweight but a bit stronger than those made from alloy.

Finally, stainless steel drivers will give you a little more weight behind your swing which can also improve your control and stability.


Should I be concerned with adjustability?

You can now adjust quite a bit on a driver and without much effort. Adjustable features include loft, lie angle, and face angle.

The verdict is out on whether or not adjustable features will help improve your golf game. Some manufacturers will argue that the more adjustable a driver is, the better your game while others will say the opposite.

In general, those drivers that offer adjustable features are typically more expensive. With adjustability, you can usually change the ball flight and can get a few more yards out of your drive.


If you are brand new to the game of golf, you might find that it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the terminology used, as well as the specifications of equipment.

It seems new technology is introduced every day and the game of golf is not immune to new advancements all the time, which is both good and bad.

Those advancements improve the game but can also make getting familiar with the game even more challenging. As soon as you think you are understanding something, it changes.

There are many pieces of equipment that can help you get better. The proper driver is just one piece but having the right driver for your game can be crucial to overall improvement.

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