Best Golf Cart Bags in 2020 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Best golf Cart Bags

Of all the pieces of equipment that we buy in golf, the bag is one of the most important. Not only does it hold all of your stuff, but it can significantly reduce your risk of back and shoulder pain if you buy the right one.

It may seem like a fairly simple purchase. Just buy the cheapest one, right? Not exactly. You want something that is well organized. Something with tons of storage and a lightweight design. The truth is that a lot of thinking goes into buying the right golf bag.

If you don’t have time to worry about all of the nitty gritty details, I get it. That’s why I’ve put together this guide of best golf cart bag reviews.

1. Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag

The Good

I loved the way that this bag is organized. Nine cooler pockets for accessories and fifteen pockets for your clubs ensure that you will have more than enough room.

Not So Good

It’s a little bit pricey for a golf bag. The features justify the cost but it is something to keep in mind.


The best thing about this bag is definitely the way it is configured. I was extremely partial to how compartmentalized it is. You get nine different pockets for your accessories which means that you don’t have to shuffle around one big compartment looking for your stuff.

You also get fifteen individualized slots in top storage. This gives you room for all of your clubs, and even an umbrella or, a technically illegal backup putter (it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone).

The bag also features a special insulated cooler pocket that works essentially the same way that a cooler does. It’s great for those of us that enjoy a brew on the course, but it will also do well to keep water, Gatorade, or anything else cool. Nifty right?

The only real set back with this bag is that it is a little bit on the pricey side. Big deal? Not necessarily. Cart bags are always a little bit pricier than the average selection anyway. Still, it is a budget buyer beware situation. Otherwise, it’s a great bag that will suit the needs of almost everyone.

2. Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Cart Bag

The Good

I loved how much storage you get with this bag. Literally, you’ll be able to pack your gear up, and probably one or two of your playing partners as well.

Not So Good

The last bag was pricey. This bag is really, really pricey.


Cart bags pretty much all have a lot of storage but this bag really takes things to the next level. You get ten storage pockets with this bag, all of them very large. In addition, you also get a nice cooler style pouch that is insulated to keep your drinks cold, and fourteen divers in the club storage department give each of your clubs its own distinct space.

But wait, there’s more. The bag also includes a high-end rain hood that is made in the style of the bag itself. You never hope to have to use the rain hood, of course, but if you do ever find yourself going on your weekend loop in the rain, it will be nice to have.

Security is also put at a premium with this bag. The unit secures into your cart via additional Velcro straps that offer added protection, ensuring that your gear all stays safe and sound.
There aren’t really any downsides in terms of how the bag performs. It even features generously comfortable straps that will make it comfortable to transport manually when needed.

The only reason you wouldn’t buy this bag is that it’s expensive. In fact, it’s even pricier than our top choice, so bear that in mind before you get too excited about the awesome features.

3. PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

The Good

I loved the fact that this bag features all the storage of a cart bags while also including elements of a typical walking unit. You get twelve pockets of storage, but you also get a kickstand and ergonomic straps for when you want to walk the course.

Not So Good

The bag seems a little bit off balance on the stand, tipping over much more than average for no apparent reason.


Ping makes great clubs, and, as we see here, they also make great bags. The best element of this unit is without question its versatility. For those that are looking for the best cart bag, you don’t exactly get that here, but you do get all of the storage you could ever hope for. Twelve pockets in total, guaranteeing that you have more than enough room for your stuff.
However, it sets itself apart from other cart bags by featuring ergonomic straps that make it easy to walk with, and a kickstand so that it will stay upright and balanced when you set it down to hit your shots.
The Ping bag also has one of my favorite features: fourteen slots for each one of your clubs. It also features coolant straps that are designed to prevent you from getting overheated as you play. It’s a small way to stay a little it more comfortable during long days on the course.
There were a couple of issues though. For one thing, the bag tips over, quite a bit when you use the kickstand. It’s not a huge deal but it can potentially damage your clubs or even the bag itself in a worst-case scenario.

4. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

The Good

The main selling point is definitely the price. If you want a good, sturdy bag, and you’re hoping not to spend a ton of money on it, this will be a good option for you.

Not So Good

The design concept is awkward, to say the least. The club organizer is a great feature, but it is incredibly conspicuous in a way that many probably won’t care for.


The Founders Club Premium is a great product for budget buyers that hoping to get some bang for their buck. The moderate price tag does not, however, overshadow the high-quality features.

The bag features a fourteen club organizer, a coolant pocket, comfort-oriented straps, and a handy loop holder on the that can be used to mount accessories including bag tags, brushes, GPS, so on and so forth.

Additionally, you get a special slot for your golf umbrella and a super sturdy base that will effectively guarantee that the bag lasts for a long time.

I found the design concept to be…unfortunate. The club organizer is a great feature but it sticks out of the bag in a needlessly conspicuous way that makes the overall appearance of the bag suffer.

The shafts of the clubs also stick out a couple of inches, which does increase their odds of flopping around in the cart.

5. OGIO 2018 Cirrus Cart Bag, Rush Red

The Good

This might very well be one of the best lightweight golf cart bags on our list If you want the option to walk as often as you ride, this is far and away the best option on our list for you.

Not So Good

The bag isn’t as sturdy as some of the other options that we’ve seen on this list today. It kind of comes with the territory: walking bags usually aren’t as durable as cart bags. Still, if you’re looking for something that will last years to come, this might not be it.


I loved how lightweight this bag is. Coming in at just two pounds (before you put your gear in it, of course) it might just be the lightest bag on our list.

But despite being lightweight and easy to transport, it includes many of the features common to larger bags. You get fourteen different slots for organizing your clubs (and even an additional slot especially for your putter) and you also get nine sizable pockets for storing your stuff.

I was also partial to the material featured on the exterior of the bag. It’s made to be weather resistant so you can safely use it rain, sun, or shine.

The only thing that concerned me about this bag is that it wasn’t as sturdy as some of the other options on our list.

The exterior carries a lot of stress near the straps which could lead to snapping and tears somewhere down the line.

6. Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Best Cart Bag

The Good

I loved that you get several different pockets for storing beverages with this bag. Of course, you can use them for other things if you like, but when you need the space for extra brews, you have it.

Not So Good

Another pricey bag. I also wasn’t keen on the bag. The light grey look is a departure from the typical golf bag style seen on most other products.


Callaway is another company very well known for making good stuff. This bag certainly does have ways in which it keeps with that tradition. I was perhaps most attracted to the fact that the bag features multiple insulated pockets. The pockets even feature special release valves that drain the liquid in the event that you experience a spill.

Fourteen slots make it easy to organize your clubs, and a magnetized pouch makes it safe and easy to store your range finder. It even has specialty pockets that are designed to hold your tees, pens, and pencils. Convenience is clearly put at a premium here.

I did take issue with a couple of aspects of the bag. For one thing, it’s one of the more expensive products on our bag, and it’s likely only for the fact that it was made by Callaway.

I also thought it was a bit of an eyesore. The light grey design pattern is atypical, to say the least, and the white pockets aren’t going to stay pristine for very long

7. Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag

The Good

This is another bag that is great for walking and for riding. The sizable storage makes it optimal for players that like to bring lots of stuff to the course, while the ergonomic straps, kickstand, and lightweight design make it good for walking.

Not So Good

None of the club slots are sized to fit putters with jumbo grips. It’s a small oversite, but it also renders the bag effectively unusable for the player that like fat grips.


If you’re looking for a moderate design, this might be the bag for you. The snug but generous design makes it one of the best push cart golf bags on our list. Weighing in at only four pounds, it’s light enough that you won’t be overly fatigued if you like to walk the course.

Unlike most stand bags though, it has a ton of storage room. The nine zippered pockets are vast, giving you enough space for all of your stuff.

And again, fourteen dividers on the top of the bag make it easy to organize your clubs. One oversite sours this feature slightly. The dividers are a little too snug. If your clubs are all standard it won’t really be a problem. However, if you like to make use of the increasingly popular jumbo grips it will be a problem.

I found that oversized putter grips won’t fit past the divider on this bag. A small mistake with big consequences. If you have an oversized grip you’re left with a choice: change the way you putt (not recommended) or get a new bag.

For everyone else though, it’s a good all-purpose bag.

8. Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag – Prior Generation

The Good

It’s not the only crossover style design that I found while making this list, but it might be the best one. It’s super durable, it looks good, and it has nice deluxe features, like ample club dividers, and cooler pockets.

Not So Good

This might be the most expensive bag on our list today.


Another cross over style bag, TaylorMade ups the ante somewhat by maximizing storage, and implementing deluxe features all while keeping the bag relatively lightweight.

Unlike most stand bags, this unit features generous pockets, several of which are insolated to keep your beverages nice and cool. However, it still comes with quality adjustable backpack style straps and a solid stand that will make it easy to walk the course with.

And of course, you also get the fourteen club dividers that most good bags include in their design concept these days.

I was also impressed by the overall sturdiness of the bag. It’s solid enough that it should stand bags up well to the test of time. Good news, considering the fact that this is one of the priciest bags on our list today. Kind of a stand bags ard move on the part of TaylorMade, a company that’s never been known for its bargain prices.

It seems like you are paying a little bit extra for the name factor. There’s no denying that it’s a great bag, but if it had come from a company that didn’t make some of the most popular clubs in the game, it would probably be cheaper.

9. Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag

The Good

This is your classic cart bag. Elegant design, sturdy build, and ample storage for all of your stuff.

Not So Good

The bag doesn’t fit extremely well in most standard carts. You might end up getting it in, but it will take a little bit of work.


For the penultimate bag on the list, we take a look at something with a classic design concept. The Callaway is your quintessential cart golf bag that comes from one of the most famous manufacturers in the game.

A lot of players like to have a bag that comes from a recognizable club manufacturer because it’s what the pros do. Does the logo make the product perform better? No, but if it’s an important feature, you do get that brand name recognition here.

Brand aside, it’s a successfully executed concept. Lots of storage make it easy to bring your gear to the course. An accessory belt loop gives you extra room for stuff that you want to keep close on hand: gloves, a brush, a towel, even a rangefinder.

Almost needless to say at this point, it features fourteen different slots for your clubs and even an additional place to keep your umbrella.

The only issue is that the bag might be a little bit too big. In fact, it doesn’t fit so well into the standard cart. If you are playing with someone else, you may not be able to secure both bags.

10. NFL The Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag

The Good

The biggest selling point is the decals. The bag is clearly designed with lovers of the NFL in mind. What I really liked though, was the price. It’s actually one of the most affordable options on our list today, which is a little surprising given that it is licensed by the NFL.

Not So Good

Though the storage is ample, it’s not well designed. Rather than having many dedicated pockets, you get several oversized ones, making it a little bit harder to organize your stuff.


We end things with a bag for lovers of the NFL. These stand bags come available with the logos of your favorite NFL teams. If you’re not into football, you probably aren’t going to give this one much consideration.

If you do like the NFL though, you’ll also be pleased to know that this bag is pretty decent. In terms of price, it’s one of the more affordable options on our list.

The design concept is a little bit on the basic side, but it’s certainly functional. You get the standard fourteen slot club divider, and lots of room for storage.

The only qualm I had was that the storage pockets weren’t very thoughtfully presented. Most of the bags on our list today took pains to include lots and lots of smaller pockets, making it easier to keep everything orderly.

This bag takes the opposite approach, including several large bags instead. Massive deal? Hardly, but it is one small way that this option falls short of some of the others on our list.

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Cart Bag

Now that you know what’s out there, let’s take a look at a few buying considerations that should help you lock in your decision.


One of the biggest considerations for any golf bag is the size. As you probably found from the list above, bags can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and every potential configuration has its own pros and cons.

For instance, big bags are awesome because you can store snacks, water, gloves, balls, shoes, and apparel with ease. Plus they give you ample room for your clubs so that they aren’t banging around against one another.

However, if you are the type of golfer that likes to walk the majority of your rounds, the big bag can be a real problem.

Ultra-compact bags, on the other hand, half the opposite problem. They are very easy to transport, but they give you little room for anything other than your clubs.

It really comes down to how you play. If you ride, go for a luxurious cart bag. If you walk, go for a compact option. But what if you like to do a little bit of each?

Players that like to ride and walk have a couple of different options. For one thing, you can go with a moderately sized bag. Something with a decent amount of storage, but an overall lightweight design concept. This will probably be a good option for most people.

If you’re really dead set on getting an oversized bag, you can make things a little bit easier on yourself by investing in a pushcart. The pushcart makes it a lot easier to lug heavy equipment around the course, but they can be a little bit pricey, and they also take up a good amount of storage space, but for some people, the pros outweigh the cons.

Most of the bags that we looked at today were in the style of “cart bag” which means that they offer an abundance of space. However, even within this list, there was plenty of variation in the department of size.

Organization Methodology

Different bags have different ways of organizing your clubs. The standard approach is to have four or five sections in which you can place several of your clubs. This is a fine way of doing things, but it does have some cons. The clubs bump against one another a lot more with this organization method which can lead to some cosmetic damage.

The shafts and grips can also get intermingled, leading to additional wear and tear. These problems aren’t exactly the end of the world—the average golf club is destined to be put through the wringer regardless of how it is stored.

Still, if you can avoid these problems, all the better right? I personally am a big fan of the fourteen slot golf bags that have been extremely popular for the last decade or so.

The organizing principle is essentially exactly what you’d imagine. The USGA allows players to carry fourteen clubs with them onto the course, and so these bags give each one their own small compartment.

It makes it really easy to keep your bag organized, and it also just gives the clubs a little bit of extra breathing room.

Is this feature necessary? Definitely not, but it’s super handy to have, and it doesn’t really come with any downsides. Bags that do utilize the fourteen slot organization system may be slightly pricier than the other options, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Storage Pouches

We went over storage a little bit when we talked about the different sizing options you have to contend with as you consider your next golf bag. What we didn’t mention is how that storage space is distributed.

As far as I am concerned, many smaller storage pockets are better than a few really big ones. Why? Golf bags with a couple of massive cooler pockets are always extremely difficult to keep organized. The “a place for everything and everything in its place” approach works much better.

It’s nice to have a pocket for balls, a pocket for gloves, a pocket for drinks, so on and so forth. That way you never need to worry about where your gear is.

Make or break consideration? Maybe, maybe not, but the easier your bag is to use, the better off you will be.

Brand Name Doesn’t Matter at All:

It’s rare that I say this when it comes to golf equipment, but the brand name really doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the bag. The technology is going to be more or less the same no matter what manufacturer you are going with. Some companies may use better materials than others, but for the most part, the golf bag companies are pretty interchangeable.

It may make you feel like a pro to have a bag that comes from the same company that makes your clubs, but it won’t impact your playing experience at all, and it might wind up costing you more money. It’s better to look for bags that offer good deals, and feature great design concepts.

Straps Are Extremely Important

Even if you walk with your bag for the time it takes to get it out of your car and into the cart, you’ll still want something with killer straps. Even the best bags are going to be fairly uncomfortable, but the straps are the only feature that can mitigate the problem at least slightly.

Good straps are going to feature breathable mesh material that keeps you from getting too sweaty. They will also include generous padding that can at least slightly reduce your back and shoulder pain.

You’ll also want to make sure that the bag features “backpack style straps”. Backpack style straps go over both shoulders, allowing for better weight dispersion. Basically, they just make the bag easier to carry—a necessary feature for the occasional walker, and a handy thing to have for everyone else.


Are there any special rules about what type of golf bag you’re allowed to have?

Nope! You can carry your sticks around in a garbage bag if you want to (though we don’t recommend this).

What about those cool leather bags? Do they still make those?

There are probably some boutique manufacturers that still rollout leather golf bags. They are beautiful but they’re also impractical. If you have the money, go for it. Otherwise, stick to something lightweight and sensible.

How much does the average golf bag weigh?

It depends on what you mean by average. A cart bag might weigh ten. A walking bag could weigh between one and two.


Who would have thought there would be so much to consider when it comes to buying a golf bag, huh? The good news is that of all the pieces of equipment out there, this is a fairly low stakes purchase. All of the options on our list are good at what they do, so any of them will treat you to a quality experience.

However, the point of the guide is to take ten great bags and narrow the choice down to one that will be perfect for you. Do you want the novelty of the Bag Boy? The Value of the Ping? The bargain of the Bucket 2? Maybe you want something else entirely. Hopefully, after reviewing this guide, you’ve found the perfect golf bag for your needs.

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