Best Wedges For High Handicappers – Top Budget Models For 2020

Best Wedges For High Handicappers

Are you just starting out playing golf? Maybe you’ve just taken it on as a hobby or new sport. If you have a high handicap, which is likely if you are a beginner.

You probably use wedges quite a bit in your game. Here, we are going to take a look at the best wedges for high handicappers and beginner players.

In general, wedges are used for just about 25% of all shots, which means they are critical to any golf game.

Image Product Details
  • Shaft Material:Graphite
  • Lofts:42 Degree
  • Length:34 inches
  • Shaft Material:Graphite
  • Lofts:42 Degree
  • Length:35.5 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel
  • Lofts:56 Degree ,58 Degree
  • Length:35.5 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel, Wedge Flex
  • Lofts:48 Degree ,50 Degree
  • Length:35.75 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel, Wedge Flex
  • Lofts:51 Degree
  • Length:35.75 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel
  • Lofts:52 Degree, 56 Degree
  • Length:34 inches
  • Shaft Material:Graphite
  • Lofts:56 Degree
  • Length:35 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel
  • Lofts:52,56,68 Degree
  • Length:35.75 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel
  • Lofts:56 Degree
  • Length:35.5 inches
  • Shaft Material:Steel
  • Lofts:54, 58 Degree
  • Length:35.5 inches

Best Wedges For High Handicappers – Reviews

1. Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge

The Good

What we liked about this product is how easy it is to get a ball into the air. It just makes hitting easier. It is also available in both left and right-handed models.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like is that it could benefit from more clubhead weight. There can just be a bit too much bounce, especially when getting out of the sand.


This is a great wedge for lowering your score, and we believe it is one of the best wedges for high handicappers. Cleveland Golf has been a leader in this industry for quite some time and has designed this wedge to specifically address the unique needs of high handicap golfers.

The most noteworthy features of this wedge include the overall design of the sole and loft. Also, the redistribution of weight with this wedge allows you to make tighter shots more easily.


The sole is three-tiered and wider. This is intentional to help give you more forgiveness in your game. There are three activation pads. So, you’ll likely find that you get better interaction with the turf and you can enjoy playability from all lies.


The loft is 58 degrees. This is specifically designed so you can make the most important shots, including hitting the bunker. You will probably find that the loft helps you to better hit soft, high shots without an open clubface.

Distribution of Weight

This wedge has moved the weight more toward the toe and away from the hosel. This allows for you to make together shots with a better overall feel.

2. Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge

The Good

What we liked about this wedge is the great, sleek design. It looks great and is of really high quality. It also has some really advanced tech including the Rotex grooves and Dual-V sole.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this wedge is that it comes with just a single bounce option. It also has a head that is a bit bigger and a sole a bit wider, but those features truly depend on preference.


Cavity Back

Cleveland is one of the most reputable manufacturers when it comes to all things golf. That said, they claim 84% of all golfers are playing with the wrong wedges. For the most part, golfers use cavity back irons but then use tour style bladed wedges. So, Cleveland designed this wedge for those exact golfers.

Wide Dual V-Sole

The sole is both more forgiving and wider than the tour wedge. You’ll experience a smooth glide through the turf without a whole lot of digging. That said, you will still be able to hit many short game shots, which means this wedge is still maintained its versatility.

Feel Balancing

The weight from the hosel has been removed, and along with the tapered sole width, more weight can be felt toward the toe so the center of gravity can be found closer to the face center. This means you get to experience higher consistency along with an overall better feel. When the center of gravity is more toward the heel, the feel is compromised. With this wedge, you won’t experience that.

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3. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Bac

The Good

Things we like about this wedge include the super sleek design with a black blade which really stands out. We also enjoy the several grind options available.

Not So Good

Things we didn’t like about this wedge are that the feel could be a bit better overall and a headcover might be a good option to include with the wedge.


Cleveland will almost always have an iron for every golfer so even beginners can enjoy a nice iron, such as this wedge offered by the reputable manufacturer.

Tour Zip Grooves

This wedge has fourth-generation Tour Zip Grooves. They allow you to move more grass and dirt away from the face so that you are always able to make clean contact with the ball. The walls on this wedge are up to 8% larger than you can expect to experience from other wedges.

Rotex 2.0 Face Pattern

This face pattern is truly one of the features that make this wedge stand out from the competition. It has a 2-pass micro milling pattern that builds on of the roughest faces you can get. You’ll get more spin and friction from this face than you even thought possible. You’ll be making more shots than you expect.


This wedge has an incredibly sleek design, setting it apart from much of the competition that all looks the same. There are options from which you can choose when it comes to finish but either one offers a very professional look.

The feel in your hands is also really positive. Given that it is just heavy enough to get balls out of deep grass if needed but also light enough to have great maneuverability. You’ll have good feedback while also experiencing a super crisp impact.

4. Callaway Golf Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4

The Good

What we liked about this wedge is that it has really great spin and control. It also offers twenty-one loft/bounce combinations.

Not So Good

What we don’t like about this wedge is that it doesn’t have much availability for left-handed golfers. There is a Platinum-Chrome option for men, along with this black matte finish.


Four Sole Grinds

With four sole grinds, you will find that you can use this wedge regardless of your type of wing or the condition of the course. In general, if you play your wedge with a square face, you will probably like the W or S grind best.

On the other hand, if you are a player that plays with several different shots, such as closed or square, you will likely enjoy the X and C grinds best.

Groove-in-Groove Technology

This wedge comes with better spin and increased control for all shots, given Callaway’s unique design of small, large, and micro-grooves.

You won’t find that combination in any other manufacturer’s wedges for high handicappers. Overall, the combination of micro-grooves and square-edged ones gives you a total of 84 contact points, along with a whole lot of spin.

Four Center of Gravity Weights

The club head’s center of gravity moves upward as the loft increased, given the four weight ports and aluminum medallions. You’ll experience a really great sound on each shot, and the feel is really impeccable.


This wedge offers a great shape, marked by the compact shape and straight leading edge. It also has tighter leading-edge radium. This makes for clean contact and a great deal of control. You will also experience a maximum spin.

5. Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Men’s Golf Wedge

The Good

Things we liked about this wedge include the really solid design. This wedge is clearly quite durable. We also like that there are customization options available.

Not So Good

Things we didn’t like about this wedge include is its lack of great distance control. While it could be improved in this area, after some use, you can get used to this feature.


This wedge is offered in either a Tour Frosted option or a Gun Blue PVD. There are also 3 different sole geometries available.

They are traditional, wide or tour and each of them offer their own set of advantages and benefits. Overall, there are a total of 97 combinations from which you can choose to customize this wedge.


There is a total of 3 different sole options available with this wedge, all adding up to 97 combinations. This means you can absolutely find a wedge that will work for your game, no matter what preferences or style you have.

The three sole grind options are Tour Grind, Wide, and Traditional. The many options related to the loft and sole grinds make this a truly unique product.


This wedge has a really great look that is quite appealing to the eyes. The hazy blue finish, which is one option, is really quite unique as you don’t see many wedges in that color. This wedge can also be custom stamped with any text you want. That text would appear on the back of the club-head.

Overall Feel

You won’t feel a lot of vibration when you make an impact with this wedge. It is durable and sturdy and really holds up to any impact, also serving to save your wrists.

6. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

The Good

What we liked about this wedge is the high durability given its high-quality construction. It also has a great grind sole which helps increase accuracy in shots.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this wedge is that the wedge is rather small which makes for a thinner grip. This is a matter of preference, but we prefer a thicker grip.


Wilson is very well known in the golf world, and for good reason. Their clubs are well constructed, sleek in design, and often offer several features that help enhance overall performance. This wedge is no different and follows that trend. It even takes Wilson’s game to the next level with the introduction of many design features that will give players more options around the green.


This Wilson wedge makes use of some features that impact spin. To start, the use of aggressive grooves can get you the maximum spin on your shots. Also related to spin, the shape of the blade itself gives you a modified bounce angle for an even more enhanced spin.


The construction of this wedge is quite durable and sleek. The head is constructed of stainless steel and the True Temple steel iron gives enhances your performance through increased control.

Sole Grind

With this wedge you can further open the club face. This means you should be able to hit not only more accurate shots, but also higher ones. This should ultimately enhance your overall golf performance.

Blade Shape

The blade shape on this wedge should help you whether on the fairway, or in sand. The shape allows for modified bounce angles for dead stop spin. This is one of the best sand wedges for high handicappers.

7. Tour Edge Golf- 1Out Plus Wedge Graphite

The Good

What we liked was how easy chip shots are with this wedge, mostly because of the super heavy head and counter-balanced grip. That counter-balanced grip helps keep a level of stability when making contact.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like is that it is only available in a right-hand orientation. It also is quite heavy by comparison, which can be challenging for brand new golfers. This is ultimately a matter of preference, however.


This wedge from Tour Edge offers some really great features for those looking to improve their game. Tour Edge is known for providing great products, with good durability. This wedge continues that trend.


The sole is heavy and super-wide. This makes for an easy launch, particularly out of sand traps and particularly tough lies.

There is also a counter-balance grip to offset the wedge. That grip places the weight above your hands, so you’ll find the face angle to be a lot more stable through the shot. That counter-weight is 90 grams and it is placed in the butt end of the grip so that it works to balance out that heavier head.

That weighting is a great way to improve not only stability but also the position of the wrist when an impact is made between the wedge and the ball.

Head Design

The head design of this wedge uses a super-wide sole. This helps you to make sand shots a lot easier, probably easier than you’ve ever experienced.

The sole literally glides nearly effortlessly though the sand. You’ll find that you can launch the ball up and out of difficult areas with ease.

8. Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack

The Good

What we liked about these wedges was the really sleek design which makes a great initial impression. In addition, you get three wedges instead of just one.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like is the extra time it takes to get used to the lightweight nature of these wedges. It also will take some breaking in when it comes to the grip as well.


With this three-wedge pack from Pinemeadow, you get to experience three different wedges with just one purchase. This is quite unique and can really help a beginner, or a golfer with a high handicap, to help discern which features they like best in their wedge.

You’ll get some common features in all three, but you will also get some differences as well, which means learning what you like best while also improving your game.


Each of the three wedges that come in this pack has a different loft angle. So, you’ll get to experiment a bit with this set. The three different wedge lofts are 60, 56, and 52 degrees. They all have just about the same weight, despite the different lofts. Each of them weighs about 300g.

Wide Sole Design

The sole design of these wedges is one of the unique features. All three of the wedges have a wide sole at the bottom but they also have a narrowing toward the toe. This means that the surface that makes contact with the ball is actually a lot more forgiving than what you’d find with most other wedges.


Each of the three shafts in this pack come with 125-gram steel shaft which a low to mid kick point.

9. Cobra Men’s King Satin V Golf Wedge

The Good

What we liked about this wedge was the sleekness of the design. It looks professional and all-business but also offers some impressive performance features.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this wedge is that it is only available for right-handed golfers.


Cobra has only very recently come back to manufacturing wedges but this one will certainly help them build their reputation up. This wedge focuses mostly on feel and precision in golfing but mixes in some unexpected, useful performance features.


The look of this wedge is all business. It has a sleek, tour-proven pear shape, giving it a refined feel overall. The finish is glare-reducing and uses premium chrome plating.


The feel of the Cobra King Wedge is unique. It basically feels and sounds a bit softer given the use of chrome-plated carbon steel.

There is no click-like feel and the sound is quite muted. This wedge also uses a vibrational flow so that you won’t feel that standard sting you’ve probably already felt, even if you are a beginner.

You’ll experience an overall more forgiving feel with this wedge, regardless of the shot you’re trying to make.

Designed for Performance

Much of the design of this wedge has to do with the look and the sound and feel. That said, there were some performance features snuck into the mix as well.

There are progressive milled grooves used as well as variable face roughness. That roughness helps to maximize spin and control so that you get the best shot possible.

It also just enables more friction between the ball and the club. This small feature enhances the overall performance of the club.

10. Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Chrome Wedge

The Good

Things we liked about this wedge include the wide range of options available for customization. We also really enjoyed how precise the distance control was given the location of the center of gravity.

Not So Good

What we didn’t like about this wedge is that while it offers some really great features, they aren’t necessarily tailored to golfers with a high handicap.


Titleist is obviously synonymous with golfing. That said, much of the focus of this manufacturer’s products have revolved around lofts and grinds. That trend continues with this wedge. We really like that Titleist continues to improve its products, mostly through consumer’s suggestions and feedback.


With this S Grind, you’ll experience a great deal of stability on full shots, but you’ll also find that you can remain versatile around the greens as well.

This S Grind wedge is the most idea for those players who play more square-faced shots. When compared to the SM5 models of this wedge, this more recent model has 3-degrees more bounce as well. So, this is a great upgrade option for anyone who had an SM5 model.


The wide grooves on this wedge really serve to produce the maximum spin. And the parallel face texture builds on the consistent groove wedge, so you’ll have a higher tolerance level. And these grooves will stand up to work. You likely don’t need one for practice and one for actual play.

Center of Gravity

With this wedge, you’ll experience a much softer, more solid feel at impact. This center of gravity also means more consistency in your shots.

You want to hit your mark every time and this wedge can help you do just that, and with a higher level of confidence as well.

Buying Guide

There are a few key features to keep in mind if you are looking for a great wedge, particularly if you are a beginning golfer or just have a high handicap in general.

For beginners, there are plenty of terms with which you should get familiar. Understanding the terminology will help you better find your way around the wedge and will ultimately help you in understanding the club.

Then, you can move on to finding the features most useful to you when you are ready to purchase.

Parts of the Wedge

When just starting to golf, you likely still have to learn all of the terminology. A wedge is an iron, which is usually used to make short shots that require a lot of spinning.

In general, the wedge iron is used mostly for shots that are shorter in length than 100 yards. That said, when to use a wedge and for what distance shot really depends on the individual golfer and their style and preference of play.

There are four central parts to any wedge. The first is the toe, which is the edge that faces outward. The second is the face which is the part of the club you use to hit the ball. The third is the back which most often has a cavity.

Finally, the fourth part is the sole which is just another word for width. As the thickness increases, the wedge becomes better for use over thicker grass.


Loft is an important characteristic of any wedge. It is essentially the angle on the wedge. The loft ranges from 46 to 72 degrees.

The wedge you use and choose might be referred to by that angle or by its primary function. Sometimes the name of the wedge and the loft are used interchangeably.

For example, you might hear just the term “sand wedge” and that just means a wedge that has a loft that is 46 degrees.


The bounce is essentially a part of the wedge club. It is the area that makes contact with the actual turf.

So, it makes the club bounce through the surface under that ball. Bounce is commonly used as a name to represent the characteristics of the sole design. These are primarily the sole wedge, rocker. Leading edge, bounce angle, and camber.

You will most commonly hear the term bounce to represent the bounce angle. This is just the angle from the leading edge to where the sole touches the ground. There is often a misconception that wedges are flat against the ground but that is not the case.

The bounce angle is actually part of the wedge to help prevent it from digging into the ground, either turf or sand, where the shot is being made. And it stops the momentum of the club slicing through the ball.

Types of Wedges

You can choose to buy a wedge is separately or as part of a full set of golf clubs. The four most common wedges are lob, sand, pitching, and gap.

Lob Wedges

The lob wedge is the newest on the market. It used a high loft, usually somewhere between 60 and 64 degrees. This means that you, as the golfer, can get better height and spin on the ball when you are near the green.

You would use this wedge mostly when hitting chips, bunker shots or flop shops and not so much when trying to make full shots.

Sand Wedges

A sand wedge typically has a loft that ranges from 54 to 59 degrees and was originally made so that you could get out of greenside bunkers given the wider and heavier sole of the wedge. It was actually used for many of the shots that lob wedge now dominates before the lob was created.

Pitching Wedges

The pitching wedge is the most common of the four types. It usually has a loft that ranges somewhere between 44 and 48 degrees. Its primary function is to make full shots and occasionally to make some chip shots that are longer in length.

Gap Wedges

The gap wedge can also be called a utility wedge or an attack wedge and it usually fills in for the shots that aren’t ideal for the pitching wedge or sand wedge to make. It has a loft that usually ranges from 50 to 53 degrees and it used for full shots.


What are the difference bounce wedges?

Low bounce wedges have an angle of 4 to 6 degrees. Mid-bounce wedges have 7 to 10 degrees of bounce and high-bounce wedges have more than 10 degrees of bounce.

What are the different finishes?

Chrome and Nickel finishes will typically keep their appearance looking the same for long. Raw finishes will rust over long periods of time but can lead to a better spin. Darker finishes look sleek when first purchased but often lose their shine as time passes.


There are many options for choosing the best wedges for high handicappers for your game. However, if you have a high handicap, we do suggest the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S.

The feel balanced technology and wider sole really make it a great option for anyone who is just starting out their hand at golf.

If it is out of your price range, and you need something a bit more affordable, you can always go with our budge choice which is the Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back.

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