Pinemeadow Golf Club Review – (Should You Buy This in 2020?)

Pinemeadow Golf Club Review

The Pinemedow iron and woods set gives budget buyers an excellent way to get involved in the game of golf. For a relatively approachable sticker price, you get what amounts to nearly a full set of sticks.

I’m particularly partial to the confidence-inspiring woods, and the nice, oversized clubheads on the irons. In short, everything aspect of the clubs is optimized with the beginner’s performance in mind.

So, let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Read on for a Pinemeadow golf set.

While I do wish that your money bought you a little bit more, the ultimate result is still satisfying.

Forgiveness: 4/5
Power: 5/5
Build Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Considerations When Buying Complete Set of Golf Clubs

Before we get into the meat of our review, read on for some special factors that will help you to choose your next complete set of golf clubs.

Is the bag included?

The inclusion of a golf bag adds an enormous amount of value to your complete set purchase. Ala carte, a golf bag can often cost the same amount of money as you pay for the majority of complete sets on the market.

Golf Bag configuration

If you want to really custom tailor your experience, you should make a point of choosing something with a club configuration that you are comfortable with.

For example, some complete sets forgo the long irons, which can be a big relief for players that are still learning the basics.

Other sets will include hybrids in lieu of a three or four iron. This gives you lots of forgiveness on longer approach shots—a feature that is of the utmost importance.

How Much are You Getting?

Just how complete is a complete set? Depending on the company that you are buying for, the difference in “completeness” can be truly substantial.

For example, one retailer may give you fourteen clubs, a bag, and several accessories. Others may limit the inclusivity to a few irons and woods.

Pinemeadow Golf Club Review – [ In-depth]

The Pinemeadow complete set of clubs is made specifically with players new to the game in mind. The woods are oversized with an accessible sweet spot that will help you make flush contact on all of your tee shots.

The irons, meanwhile, feature a substantial offset, and a large sweet spot. This function of the club makes it easy to hit down on the ball, and really get your hands through at impact. While these are very basic elements of the golf swing, they are crucial for people with young swings.

These things said, the set is not without its flaws. I was disappointed to find that the bag was excluded from the set, and you will also be left buying your own putter and wedges.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Clubs are made to be easy hit clubface
  • Huge sweet spot


  • No bag
  • No putter or wedges

Pinemeadow Golf Club Features & Benefits

And now that we’ve taken a broad look at this product, let’s examine some of the features in a more in-depth way.

Very Forgiving


The forgiveness factor is one of the best aspects of this set. IThe club faces are all oversized while the irons themselves feature a major offset that makes it easy to rotate through the ball.

Mature players will have an easy time getting their tee shots high up into the air.

While this configuration may not be as suitable to experienced players, the ultimate outcomes it that this is a consistent and very easy to hit the set of golf clubs.

Very Affordable

The price is without question the other main selling point of this set of clubs. It’s one of the more affordable options on the market which will make it a really good choice for buyers that are still not sure what their relationship with golf is going to be like.

To put things in perspective, there are wedges out there that cost more than this complete set of clubs. You just don’t get a much better deal than that.

Room to Grow

It’s also worth mentioning that this set gives you the opportunity to play around with your set up a little bit. Because you don’t get every single club in the bag, you are instead able to make a couple of decision about what you would like to game.

Now, this could be seen as a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, you do have to spend a little bit more money to get this set going. On the other hand, you also get to decide on your putter and wedges, key considerations that any golfer needs to make.

What People Are Saying About Pinemeadow Golf Club?

I also spent some time listening to what players of the Pinemeadow irons had to say about these clubs. For the most part, the responses were very positive.

However, I did hear from some people who resented the fact that they had to purchase their own bag, as well as various other pieces of equipment.

Alternatives Drivers of Pinemeadow Golf Club

And now, here are a few alternative choices for people that weren’t sold on the Pinemeadow set.

The Callaway Strata is on the opposite end of the price spectrum from this set. You et lots and lots of gear and its all really great but be prepared to pay for it.

The Wilson Ultra is a great set of clubs from a well-known manufacturer. The package give you everything you could possibly need all for a pretty reasonable price.

The Precise M3 is quite similar to the Pinemeadow set, save for the fact that you get a little bit more for your money. This will be a great option for buyers that want more bang for their buck.


To buy or not to buy, that is the question. While the ultimate decision will be up to you, I’ve got to say, I think that this set is a real winner.

While there are more comprehensive options on the market, the quality of the clubs is truly top-notch.

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